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      Add:No. 48, Yang Cao Bridge, Xiaogang street, Beilun District, Ningbo, Zhejiang,China 
      Contact:Mr.Zhuang |

      About Us
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      Our company was founded in 2008,located in Xiaogang Town,Beilun District,Ningbo,Zhejiang,China,which is a professional manufacturer specializing in sheet metal products according to drawing sheet and samples.Our company has a modern standard workshop of more than 5000 square metres and advanced and professional sheet mental production equipments such as FO4020 Fibre-optical Laser 4000 Watts,AMADA AC2510NT NC Lathe,AMADA RG series Bending Machine and advanced Welding Equipment.Our company`s product parts are processed by NC machine.Our product processing is widely used in domestic supporting projects of Injection Molding Machine,municipal projects,telecommunication equipment projects,electrical machinery types projects and other industries.Our products sell well in the domestic market and export many countries and regions.Welcome friends from all circles to come to instruct,review and business negotiation.In enterprise management,our company has always carried out the scientific decision management,younger technology management,institutionalization of financial management,standardization of production management,standardization of quality management and strict quality training of staff and workers.We link the total quality management to the whole process of products production and sales.“The pursuit of quality,science and technology in the first place” is the quality policy of our company;“Quality assurance,attentive service” is the operating principle of our company.In the spirit of initiative, enthusiasm and excelsior, we sincerely hope to establish long-term, mutual trust and reciprocal cooperation with customers from home and abroad to create an ideal industry.

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